Sunday, January 29, 2012

OLP and Cancer

Since last I wrote, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. No, No. Don't worry! It's not got anything to do with Oral Lichen Planus. It's just a coincidence.

So, that is why I have not posted for a while. I've been a little busy.

What is totally fascinating to me is that I am taking a "chemo" drug. That's a misnomer because it is not a chemically based treatment at all. It's a pill called, Dasatinib (Sprycel) which I take once a day. It's known as a Tyrokinase Inhibitor.

Anyhow, that first month I had started taking it, my OLP had started to diminish. Now it's gone. That's right! My oral lichen planus, from which I have suffered since 2004 has disappeared!

The only disadvantage is I have a bumpy rash. Not too bad. A great trade off. Which would I rather have? Inexplicably permanent Erosive Oral Planus or bumpy rash? I'll settle for the rash. Oh, hell. I forgot the CML. It's not too bad. Really! It's chronic, like diabetes. All I have to do is take the pill for the rest of my life and I will die of something else. CML is the good kind of cancer to have these days.

I wonder what the connection is! I wonder if TKI's could be a treatment for OLP?

At least I don't have that other kind of cancer associated with (RARELY) Oral Lichen Planus.

If you are interested, you can read my journey with CML at The Heart of the Rose


LiveInThePresent said...

Hey Liz, thanks for the update. I've been meaning to update mine as well. As much as I want to apologize for hearing your diagnosis (obviously it's not ideal), I read about it and heard it's pretty manageable, so not the worst news. Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors seem like the consensus standard treatment. If given the choice, I think you were right about it being the disease to have. I recently got news I have mildly elevated Alpha-Fetoprotein levels, so am nervous about the variety of cancers that could be the result of (following up in 3 months to get it re-checked), so am stuck chasing a ghost in the interim. Again, if given the choice between disorders, Id like something I could just eat a pill to correct. So I think you lucked out in that regard. I'll be sure to give your other blog a perusal. Ciaos.

Sheri said...

Did you change your email? The gmail account does not seem to work.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

No, I didn't. Many times people think the address is my first name , but look carefully and notice that after the eliza part of it is blest, (as in blessed) If that doesn't work, write another comment telling me what happened. Did it bounce? Did you get a mailer daemon? Did you just never get a response from me? I will check my span folder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, Hang in there with all your troubles. Obviously you have a strong constitution and your body fights back well. I have a long story too about lichen planus, which started as a chest rash and evolved into OLP. Many doctors and dentists have been involved and I would like to share as many details as you want to hear. I hope this blog becomes active again. I know no one else with this problem and in a sad way, it's comforting to have this blog.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your comment. I would appreciate learning more about your experience with OLP. Please contact me through email so we may be in touch e l i z a b l e s t @ g m a i l . c o m Looking forward to getting acquainted.

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