Friday, January 21, 2011

Over Active Immune System and Oral Lichen Planus

When our immune system encounters something foreign, it responds by mounting an attack on it such as when one has a virus or infection. In order for our immune system to do do it's job to help us get well from the foreign substance, it has to recognize that the object is foreign, and not part of itself.

Usually, the immune system recognizes what is and what is not 'self.'

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system is unable to recognize some part of itself, and will attack it.

This could happen with one organ, a particular part of the body, or the entire body. There are many kinds of autoimmune diseases, which most people are unfamiliar with. Though it is not a common condition, Lupus is the one most people recognize as an autoimmune disease.

In my case my body has an autoimmune condition called Oral Lichen Planus. If you have been reading parts of this blog, you already know that. If you are new to the blog, you may be surprised to learn that Lichen Planus is a type of autoimmune condition. Previously in medical papers it has been referred to as an inflammatory condition, which it is. But, more recent research has shown it to me more than that.

Please note: picture does not represent present condition of my mouth, but is from 2004 and placed here for educational purposes.


Anonymous said...
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Elizabeth Munroz said...
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bonniebluedenim said...

elizabeth, I am glad to have found your blog. I was diagnoised with OLP in May 2010. I think it was triggered by 3 months of Boniva and mega doses of Vitmin D. the first month on boniva I started having horrid hip pain, I never had hip pain before, the MD decided I had a vitamin d definciey, I did, ,my levels were at 18 and normal is 30 - 50. ( however it is measured. I started taking 50,000 Units of Vitamin D once a week, after a month my mouth started to burn, saw the md who thought it might be acid reflux from the boniva, the dentist only saw irritated gums, by the time I got to the ENT, the white patches started to show and the ENT was able to diagnose. The ENT gave me a rinse of malox, benadryl, lidocane, and the thrush treatment.....a pleasant combo that you swished about your mouth. it relieved symptoms, but not a cure. He told me it should clear up in about 6 week. LOL. I need to go back, at least to get more of that mouth risse and I've noticed the skin spots in a couple of areas. I think I may try the dematologist...Lots of info here, thanks so much

Elizabeth Munroz said...

I'm sorry to learn you have OLP, but glad you find my blog useful. I haven't written much lately as my mouth is much more tolerable lately. That's odd about the Boniva. In the last year I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and every three months I get a boniva infusion through a vein. I have such a lot of tummy problems it was decided I shouldn't take boniva by mouth. So, I can't say my OLP was triggered by the boniva. My OLP was very minor when first diagnosed, only lacy on one side of the inner cheek. It took years for it to become a serious problem. So I just don't have any idea what my trigger was. I know it never can be cured, but at least it can be controlled, and right now it is quite tolerable without any treatment at all except occasional use of clobetasol ointment if I notice a flare up coming on. I do hope you find a good dermatologist who can help you keep your OLP under control. And please feel free to comment any time.

Anonymous said...

aciclovir caused my lichen planus.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

I understand that there are certain medications that can produce a lichen planus type of reaction. When stopping the medication, the OLP goes away.

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