Monday, March 15, 2010

First Stages of More than Lace

Upon request, I am posting some pictures of the early onset of the erosive part of my oral lichen planus from 2004.

The picture above shows the right side of the tongue far back with erosive patches spreading to underside.

Prior to this, I only had some white lacey markings on the inside of the cheeks.

As I posted in April 2004, when my mouth was looking like this, it appeared as if I had previously had a tongue piercing. Which I did not. The hold just appeared by itself, as if someone had taken a knife to it.

I put a cloth on my tongue in order to pull it out a bit further, like doctors do,  to show beneath where there are more markings.

Even though the  whole top of the tongue and the insides of the mouth were affected, the left side and underside of the tongue were not affected.

The tongue is swollen and speech is more garbled, but not noticeably.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I have it located in the upper part of my mouth in back where the bones that hold the teeth in, is located. It look like your pictures.
I first noticed it in 2008, when I read an article to look for red areas on your gums. It first appeared where my back upper molar used to be. Just about 3/8 diameter and red. Now it envolves an area about 1 inches in diameter, with irregular edges. With white patches, and when there is a breakout, red.
This morning I looked because it felt strange. The white was mostly gone, but there appeared what looks like an open Ulcer. At first it really freaked me out. since ther doesn't seem to be a cure, I thought I would check on line to see if there has been any more I could do.
I have had a biopsy about 3 yrs ago now.
Since I am a Senior Citizen, oral surgeons wouldn't take me as a patient. Only one did.

I feel there is no hope, and no cure. Then, all of a sudden it seems to get better. I've had it worse than today, but it's frustrating that no one seems to have a cure, or the real reason it is happening.

I also have a friend who has it. She has had it alot longer than myself. She even has it on her ankle, where there is an open sore that is not healing along with it being in her mouth.

I pray for an answer.
Bonnie of Washington

Elizabeth Munroz said...

I'm sorry you are having these issues too. When it is mild, it is tolerable. It is my understanding that most people usually have the lacey kind. And that few people end up with the ulcerated kind.

It's true what you are saying. There is no known cure at this time. But, there is treatment. If you read through more of my posts I'm sure you will find the different treatments I have taken. Sometimes they seemed to work for a while, and sometimes I had to change over to something else.

I'm sure you have already figured out that there are certain foods that trigger it. Of course, they are not the "cause", but they aggravate the area and make things worse. Cinnamon, tomatoes, citrus, for example.

It's very odd, Bonnie, now that I am a medicine for a different medical condition, called a Tyrokinase Inhibitor, everything has cleared up quite well for several months now.

Marie Flowers said...

The picture down at the bottom shows several toxic crowns in the mouth with metals in the base of the crowns. These metals will cause the lichens plantus in the mouth. These metals are not bio compatible with your immune system. Please seek out the help of a BIOLOGICAL dentist at www.iaomt.org. They understand these issues.

You may contact me at marieflow@aol.com and I can help you find a dentist. Or call DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions in Minnesota. DAMS is a patient's support group for people dealing with toxic dentistry. Call 651-644-4572

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Marie, for your suggestion. But, I am presently "cured" without having more dental work. I am presently diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. As soon as I started taking the chemo pill, the Oral Lichen Planus went away.

Anonymous said...

please refrain from posting suggestions for other treatment methods of an alternative nature - a lady after my own heart ! I have ELP as well as a few other autoimmune illnesses. The burning mouth which I have had for months has recently become intolerable which is what led me here to your site. I just wanted to thank you for having the foresight to photograph and report on this. I have gleaned a bit more info, but I just wanted to wish you all the best and hope that, all things considered, you are currently in a 'good place'

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Dear Anonymous of April 26 2014. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. For what it is worth. My OLP has finally resolved since January of 2012. Oddly, it seems it is because I am taking a chemo pill on a daily basis, called Dasatinib which is to treat my Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia which was diagnosed in the fall of 2011. Perhaps my body was telling me something all along.

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