Saturday, July 24, 2004

Familial OLP?

I wonder if this sort of thing runs in families. My niece and her daughter both have a skin condition that has been called everything from fungus to psoriasis. So far neither have anything in mouth or scalp. And my son, today, tells me he has a mouth infection. I asked him what, he said he talked on the phone with his shrink who suggested it was "thrush". He has yet to make an appt. My older brother has dealt with something like this since his twenties. A recent conversation with him, he tells me it is around his ankles and lower legs, and in the groin area. He believes it was caused by living in Florida where it is very humid. He thinks it is a fungus and treats himself with over the counter "fungus medicine". I'm not sure what he means. I suggested he go to a dermatologist to have it biopsied. He said he has seen one, but nobody did a biopsy. I doubt he will go.

I think part of my problem in getting sufficient treatment is that I live in a small town and the dermatologist I have seen for years just doesn't know what to do with me anymore. She gave me over to her partner who thought it might be cancer. He referred me to an oral surgeon for a biopsy. It is not cancer, but OLP.

I looked up Clobetasol which is something I see if my doctor will write an RX for Clobetasol to treat it.

It's also known as Temovate, and I would be getting it in the "topical" form, an ointment that I will rub into the inside my mouth.

I wonder...I have always had bouts of alopecia areata since I was a teen, and a few months ago when these sores appeared on my scalp I had a break out of it then. The hair has come back scanty, but so far, has come back, as it always has through the years.

I feel so frustrated by this situation. I have coped with many things in my life, (bonecancer, for example) but this is ongoing and insidious, and hard to ignore. I don't like to go out in public anymore for fear of having to deal with anyone. It is such an effort to socialize when I feel like I am on fire (in my mouth, on my scalp, lesser degree on my shoulders). Plus, if there is food involved, people just don't get it when I am so particular about what I order to eat.

Well, here I am... whining. I know I am depressed, but so far not pulling myself together very well. I do know there are lots worse could happen.

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