Monday, July 21, 2008

A very rough and stressful day. I had to go to the Housing Authority for an appointment, which is clear on the other side of the county. Since I awoke not feeling well, the furthest thing from my mind was to take a ride in the car anywhere. Still I made it on a nearly empty tank, had my appointment, which I think was a waste. I think they have made up their mind that I must move out. More stress to face, I suppose, but nothing new in life. Oh well.

I managed to find a gas station, and learned I had ten bucks on me. I stopped, paid inside in advance and went to put the gas in my car. It was a little tough getting it shoved in there, but succeeded. Turned on the right button for the gas I wanted and started the nozzle. A moment later the nozzle popped out of the gas tank and landed on the ground continueing to leak gasoline. I just reacted. I was not about to grab it up. I just couldn't make myself. So I shouted at the guy inside telling him the gas is leaking out. He shrugged his shoulders. So I really shouted very loudly, HELP ME! So he sauntered out to see what the problem was. He picked it up and inserted it back into my car and I got the rest of my gas. (Later, I wondered how much money I had lost). I was pretty shaken on the way home, and took a tranquilizer. I realized that my reaction was based upon the Trabing Fire which was started by an overheated muffler a few weeks ago. The Trabing fire borders upon Watsonville. I am a bit obsessed with all the fires we have had lately. Not for fear of burning but for the very uncomfortable coughing from Asthma. So, I guess that was at the base of it all.

From the time I left home, attended my meeting, got through the gas problem, drove back during rush hour traffic. (Why do they call it rush hour traffic? It should be called hurry up and wait traffic!) I had been away about 7 hours. Exhausted I fell into bed, severe pain, had to drug up and just lay there. My bones ache, especially bothersome is my rt knee. It keeps stabbing when I walk, and gives out on me occasionally, and that just throws the rest of me off. Oddly, both elbows are killing me too. I have NEVER had elbow pain before, but both knees and both elbows have been creeping up on me for several months now. I always notice when the OLP is flared up so is my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. Low energy.

Well, I called the ortho doctor's office and talked my way into seeing him tomorrow. Perhaps he will take pity on me and give me an injection. I guess that would be cheating, because it would be steroids. I wonder if injected steroids would make my mouth better, even if they are in a different part of the body.

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