Thursday, July 24, 2008

My mouth is burning so badly. The sores under my tongue have blistered with white chunks of flesh pulled tight and making it look as though the skin on each end of the sores are trying to grow together like scar adhesions. Pain so bad. Both sides of the tongue are bright red and deeply indented and beneath the tongue it is swollen, so if I try to talk or chew, the act of tongue rubbing against the teeth is very very unpleasant. I know that they say that the roof of the mouth is never affected but I don't think so. I can put my finger up there and gently rub and it hurts too. I just don't have a mirror to see it or a way to get my camera to catch a look at it.

I have been taking the curcumin. Not the brand I was told to get, but one similar. Perhaps it is not the right strength or quality as I really don't see improvement and now it's getting worse enough to drive me nuts.

It's not just the mouth sores, the erosion of my flesh, the tenderness. but since it affects my right side more than the other, I am accutely aware of the gland beneath my tongue on the right side is swollen and painful, and the right of my neck is sore and feels inflammed and when I swallow it feels like something is caught in the back of my throat beneath the furthest back part of my tongue. It hurts! I have been taking some hydromorphone to help with the pain, but feel like this is like killing an ant with a hammer. But tylenol around the clock is not reaching the pain.

So last night I got desperate. I hunted down an old prescription of Clobetasol and slathered it around my mouth. This is a lot like taking a jar of vaseline and rubbing it in, under, around your teeth, gums, inside the cheeks and all over your tongue. Gross, huh? I just don't know how much the mucous membrane can absorb. It seems like pouring grease over the back of a duck. How could it sink in? I take a dry washcloth and pat the insides of my mouth before applying in the hopes that it helps. If my own moisture isn't there to protect the flesh then, maybe it will seep in a little bit. I applied more this morning. I was able to take tea and toast this morning but nothing else until later, a can of coconut water. By the time I was nearly done with it, my mouth was burning. So for dinner I tried cooking a bit of hamburger and put it between two halves of bread. That was okay except for the chewing. At least the burning wasn't too bad, and able to drink some cool water with it.

It is my personal belief that applying medicine to the tongue, though perhaps it might absorb it, the rest of it slides right down your gullet. There are articles that suggest Oral Lichen Planus has been found in the esophagus, so I don't mind that the Vaseline, I mean the clobetasol ends up draining down there. If it is actually coating the esophagus, and if it is being absorbed, then maybe there is possibility of healing. Did it work for me in the past? Well, if I was constantly slobbering the stuff in my mouth all day, it would keep things down to a dull roar, but not eradicate it. Taking systemic Prednisone makes if feel cured. Though I know that Oral Lichen Planus cannot be cured. Why not? Damn it!

Curcumin for Oral Lichen Planus

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