Sunday, February 3, 2008

Third Treatment Day

I am sleeping okay. Took 20 mg. when I awoke, and 10 mg. in the afternoon.

Feel less shaky. It only happened when I first got up. Then settled down. Ravenous appetite, but for the life of me, don't recall what I might have eaten, except oatmeal with cranberries, and my usual cups of tea. Oh yeah, had another avocado sandwich. Later, about 6 pm Udon noodles and a little bit of chirashi, which is a soft rice with a bit of seaweed and long strips of egg. Also dared to eat a brownie but that was a mistake. Aside from the crunchiness scraping my mouth, the chocolate burns as if I were eating hot pizza. I shouldn't be so daring, I suppose.

Later at home rinsing out my mouth with water was particularly painful. (related to the chocolate, I wonder?) Actually brushing my teeth in a healthy way has been extremely challenging for quite some time now. Rinsing out my mouth with lukewarm water is sometimes all I can do. I have a baby's toothbrush which seems a big waste to me. If I am gonna brush and irritate things, I might as well get the job done correctly, or at least as best as I can. So, the baby toothbrush is desperate measures. Toothpaste is pretty much out of the question, as they all have stuff in them which aggravate it. So, I use a baby toothpaste. Bubble Gum flavor, yuck!

Previously, I had given up on flossing until I figured out that might be making things worse. Advertisements for mouthwash and toothpaste are always mentioning bacteria. So I continue to attempt flossing as best as I can tolerate. This last few weeks, it has been nearly impossible. Even though there are special (expensive) mouthwashes available that are supposed to be gentle and good for people with mouth problems, it is ironic that they have peppermint in them!!!

Generally, it seems like the redness has gone down a bit, and one of the ulcers seems to be disappearing. After eating, it is difficult to get food bits unstuck from my teeth. Later, I took my first dose of Nystatin swish. It burned so bad, my eyes watered. I still have some lidocaine swish, so maybe next time, I will mix together and see if it helps. The sweetness of the Nystatin ought to cover up the disgusting flavor of the Lidocaine.

It is a wonder to me that I have any sense of tasting flavors at all with the tongue so burned off of it's natural taste buds. Or does it just look that way?

Haven't started on my systemic anti fungal med yet, as I haven't gotten my replacement anti cholesterol medicine. Will take care of that Monday.

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