Friday, February 8, 2008

Ninth Treatment Day

Didn't sleep last night. Seriously. Finally fell asleep at about 6 AM. I'm not sitting there ruminating or anything like that. I just feel awake and alert. If I were to get up, I would have probably cleaned house, or straightened bookshelves. But, I know better than to do that. So, I laid there and rested. I petted the cat, listened to quiet music and occasionally picked up my book to see if I could bore myself to sleep.

That being said, I managed about 5 hours. I don't like sleeping in the daytime as the light interferes with really resting deeply, if you ask me. Plus, neighborhood noises rouse me.

So, I took my same doses today and still feel like progress is being made. I don't know if I am expecting too much, as I would like to have it clear up completely, or at least be quite minimal for as long as possible so I wouldn't have to keep compensating for it, or have to deal with the changes and checking on how things are doing, and trying to figure out if the pain in my jaw, neck, throat or whatever is always due to the Oral Lichen Planus.

Part of my newfound joy in the healing process today was to actually go to Subway and eat a half tuna sandwich. Since they had very well cut up lettuce, I had some on the sub with black olives and one squeeze of light mayonnaise. The tuna was so smooshed that it was like a pate', so it had no chewing challenges. The bread was soft enough that I didn't have to pull with my teeth to chew it. (I never, in my life, thought I would have to consider such minute details, such as how to chew.) I cannot even attribute a burn. Just a slight puckering sensation. It has been so long since I've had tuna, that maybe I just don't remember that it is a natural part of the flavor of Tuna. Or maybe the puckering was from the Mayo. I doubt it.

One annoying problem, though, is that after eating, the food sticks to the teeth, both on the inside and out, and gets tucked firmly away in the folds of the gums. Even though I can lift my tongue and turn it certain ways, the dexterity to use my tongue to reach over the teeth to dislodge the food is not possible. I even wonder if this is a permanent condition as it seems to me that it has continued to be the case throughout the last several years. So, unfortunately, I either have to go find a clean bathroom and brush my teeth or water swish, thereby discarding a significant amount of food. I have a hard time accepting that public restrooms are, in general, sanitary enough to feel okay about doing that. So, I do something that is probably equally unsanitary. I use my finger to get in there and push the food into position to swallow.

Too much information. Huh?

Erosive Oral Lichen Planus

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