Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fifth Treament Day

My Prednisone intake is now down to 20 mg. daily.

Since I got some more of my prescriptions approved and filled, I now have the Dexamethasone mouth swish, and the Diflucan anti-fungal pills. I have to check my notes on the swish, because I am already using the Nystatin swish, which burns like hell. I think it has an orange citrus flavor in it. The last time I had Nystatin, it had a cherry flavor. Not that I give a hoot about flavors all that much, it's just that you would think that if the medicine is for someone with a sore mouth, they wouldn't use anything citrus.

On the healing front, there now seems to be a deep hole in my right lateral tongue (which previously had been covered up?) At least that is what it looks like in the mirror. It's not just a pin point, but more like a gouge. So, no wonder it still hurts on that side. Maybe I shouldn't be blaming my teeth. In comparison with the picture on day two it appears that the white stuff that coated the tongue has acted like a thick blanket. Now it is thinned out quite a bit and no longer protects that side of the tongue.

I was able to eat oatmeal again today with some well cooked raisins mixed in. Yogurt, and later a piece of bread with well smashed avocado. Things are looking up!!!

Even though I am a bit sleep deprived, I am not feeling the effects, in fact I have energy, and a sense of well being that I haven't experienced in a long time. Too bad that Prednisone is not safe to take all the time! It is so nice to be able to work at something for a sustained period of time without having to go lie down exhausted and in pain. I actually went out in the garage about an hour and flattened boxes to put in the recycle bin. What a blessing to be able to do this!!

I am less emotionally labile. I think it helped that I took an Ativan last night at bedtime, perhaps. I do have that ordered by my shrink for when I might have anxiety. I don't think depression is anxiety, but maybe the relaxing effect of the Ativan removes my focus from the intensity of the stressful occurrences in my life right now.

My granddaughter had her surgery today to remove a large benign bone tumor from below the inside of her knee on the tibia. So, that is one concern off my mind. Now all she has to do is recover, and her mother needs to have a restful and peaceful life for the next couple weeks. (That's gonna be difficult)

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