Monday, December 27, 2004

Lichen Planopilaris and Alopecia Areata

I have had LP on the skin only in the past, but this last year was the last straw. Have always dealt with it in minor ways to "keep it at bay", and that was good enough 'til this last year when it took over my life. Shoulders, arms, neck were the worst they had ever been, then also in the mouth. It was the first time it had ever affected my scalp.

I saw a youtube video on cicitrial alopecia, and there is a woman in it who was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris. the way she describes her bald spot was having itching pustules. That's how my scalp was, but I don't have the actual diagnosis, thank heavens, because in that disease you have permanent hair loss. Mine was not affected. There's a guy in that video too who had/has the same diagnosis.

I have had alopecia areata since I was sixteen years old. The hair loss is usually about the size of a quarter and it is not permanent. All I had to do was go to the doctor and get a steroid shot and it would grow back. Only one time did it get bigger than a quarter, when I had several on one side of my head that then spread into each other. That was many years ago.

Getting back to alternatives, I've presently stopped all of them, I've finished the antibiotics. Some of the sores were infected and spread into my lymph glands. First I went off all prescription drugs one at a timethen I went off all vitamins, minerals and herbal products. Eliminated foods, teas, etc. Simplified nutritional intake to barest minimum of irritating foods. (that really messed with my body and blood results showed lack of protein, lack of calcium and low lymphocytes. Also had macrocytic anemia (B-12 deficiency) Had to go on high doses of Vitamin D and calcium (with magnesium) since then, ordered by onc. doctor. Also went back on estrace. So, now just doing the traditional (allopathic) medical treatments, prednisone, and fluconozole (Lidex gel).

The biggest worry I had was it might develop into the kind of cancer that comes from OLP. All the articles I have read on the cancer gave descriptions of exactly the same as the appearance of my mouth. But, the prednisone now has put most of it to rest.

Hopefully by then I can return to some of my safer alternatives. The acupuncturist I see treats with Chinese herbs. But, doesn't want to conflict the two medicines right now, especially since this is working. I'm so glad that she respects regular medical treatment.

My doctor ran blood tests for liver, cortisol levels, etc. to compare for later. Everything seems to be okay.

I have a complicated medical history, most of which does not even apply to this Oral Lichen Planus, as far as I know. I believe that everything happens for a reason, including the used of chemicals in our lives, and prescription medicines. I would not be here today if it weren't for the use of some very "unpurified" things being used to keep me alive. That is why I am willing to combine and keep one foot in both worlds, so to speak.

When I try everything possible to heal myself naturally and spiritually, and it doesn't work, then I am willing to go the standard American medical practice way. It has it's purpose in this world, that is why it is here. I think that there is so much more we all have to learn scientifically and spiritually before we will all understand the interconnectedness of it all.

So, for now, I go with the flow, and let my intuition guide me along with doing the scientific research to back up any choices I make for myself. Steroids are a natural part of our bodies. We produce them. When our bodies aren't producing them properly, then I am willing to take them, even if they are not genetically matched to how my body would produce them.

Whether I am making complete scientific sense doesn't matter to me at the moment. I continue to learn, and perhaps what I have written that I believe will change in the future as I gain more knowledge.

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