Monday, December 13, 2004

Dental Fillings cause Lichenoid reactions?

I have been to the Baylor website to see what it said about OLP. When I first went there I filled out a survey and registered myself as a patient. I thought I was going to get some feedback, but did not.

So, I forgot about the site, after finding the group support. However, since it has been mentioned again, I went back to the Baylor site to look around more thoroughly.

In the support group some are now saying that OLP is an allergic disorder. But, does this mean if I don't breathe in the pollen of ragweed for example, I wont have OLP? Now I have questions.

If OLP is considered to be an allergic reaction, then wouldn't it be logical to take benedryl or some other antihistamine to help keep it at bay?

If it is considered to be an "allergic" reaction to medications, are they always the same medications in all OLP diagnosed patients, or is it hit or miss guessing thing for each individual patient?

I once saw a list of suspected meds that have shown OLP reaction. But, I think it means it's not a true diagnosis, but is a "lichenoid reaction" condition, which is not an autoimmune disease. And if the patient gets off those meds, it will go away.

The list I saw at the below link, I have already learned that I am allergic to those meds a long time ago and never take them. Weird drugs, like quinidine and procainamide (procan) and inderal, for example. They are also known to cause false Lupus, too. Another autoimmune disease.

If it is caused by some filling materials, or dental hygiene products, what filling products?

Do they mean tooth filling?

And what specific dental hygiene products?

Do they mean toothpaste? I admit the peppermint flavoring burns and makes tooth brushing hell.

Does one develop an OLP response to these things over years of exposure?

How does one be able to get the determination from a medical professional that the dental materials in one's mouth are actually a cause and need to be removed? It seems to me they would take pride in their work and insist it it not possible to be the source of the problem. It seems they would logically think that they have plenty of patients with the same dental materials in their mouths and no lichen planus. Therefore they are more likely to believe there is no connection.

Is there a blood test to show this allergy to dental metals? My sister has a known nickel allergy. Put cheap jewelry on her neck and she gets an itchy rash. I get it from fake silver which has a nickel component. Is it possible that nickel is in dental materials?

What is interesting to me, is that because of those statements I took a chance and went off all medications and stopped using all dental products for many many months and it did NOT make my OLP any better. Finally, out of desperation, I slowly went back on some of my medications and still no significant change in my OLP condition. So then, the next question would be what else could cause it?

I do have to say that I have not been able to return to any dental products whatsoever. Even the highly touted "gentle" Biotene products have enough peppermint in them to set my mouth to a screaming burn. I can't imagine how it would be for a cancer patient who has chemo mouth. I can only gently, occasionally, rinse out my mouth with lukewarm water, and sometimes use a baby's toothbrush. I feel disgustingly dirty in my mouth, but helpless to cleanse appropriately.

In the Baylor site are some links, one of them for the following article
which goes into describing OLP as an autoimmune T Cell disease

Are there blood tests to verify if this T-Cell problem is related to one's diagnosis of OLP?
If some studies have shown that viral infections such as herpes might cause OLP, then wouldn't it help to take Lysine?

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