Thursday, July 22, 2004

White Lacy

I have been in misery for many months. I have had "these little sores" on and off for years, mostly just in the skin around my shoulders, neck area.

Then, about 1995 had a bad episode with my tongue peeling which went away in a few weeks. Then ever since then, I had the white lacy stuff on the inside of my buccal mucosa. At the time it was biopsied and I was told it was Lichen Planus and was given an RX for the dexamethosone with the waxy base, which I have used periodically since then. The ones on my shoulders were not identified as anything. I was told I was a "picker" which made me mad because that is not the case at all. I now understand the two are related. The last few years in January after my annual Eye appt. my right eye would flare up really bad and these mouth sores and skin sores would get worse, but this year it has been constant and worsening.

A couple times lightly in the scalp. But, last winter everything went haywire all at once.

I now have huge sores over the top of my scalp, as well as under, alongside, and on top of my tongue. Eating is painful. Even toast is hell. So everything must be soft, smooth and bland. Too much chewing is abrasive to my tongue. Sorry for sounding like a wimp with all this complaining. But I am so fed up. I cut my long hair off very short as I was tired of trying to comb the scabs out, plus I was worrying that maybe shampoo residues and scalp sweating would contribute. Now I am at the point where I am ready to shave my hair off. I am 59 year old. This is not going to look cute.

Presently I am using protopic ointment on the tongue, which sort of keeps it from worsening, but doesn't make it go away completely. Also have to use lidocaine gel for when the tongue is burning too much. It hurts so bad sometimes, right down my throat. I get shaky from the pain. This is my own fault as I have dared to eat something not completely bland and by the time I have had a few bites, and discover there are hidden spices, it is too late.

I am using cyclosporine eye drops for the huge redness of the that flares up with this. Before, I was using prednisone eye drops but the new eye doctor said that was very bad to take Econopred.

I am using Lidex on the sores on my shoulders, back and neck.

As long as I slather these on religiously I can keep things at bay. But, so annoyed that with medical science supposed to be so advanced there is no apparent known cause or cure for this. Just a whole bunch of lists of maybe this and maybe that.

Interestingly, I have noticed that most of the medications that are suspected to cause lichenoid reactions are many of the same ones I have already proven to be allergic to, and are suspect for causing drug induced Lupus.

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