Friday, December 31, 2004

Then, I went on the dexamethazone paste again, no effect.
did Sea Salts (several different kinds) for outer skin LP
then Aveeno bath powder
then Lidex (helped a little on skin)
kept out of sunlight completely
GelClair for mouth (used by cancer patients)
Tea tree oil shampoo
some kind of asthma puffer for mouth (cant recall the RX name)
Zinc shampoo
Tar shampoo
Began to see a different dermatologist.
Peroxide based soap
Biotene toothpaste and mouth rinse (burned like H, they have peppermint in them!!!)
Steroid injections directly into the tongue and scalp lesions
That doctor even put wart remover on my tongue (JERK!!!) and suggested I chew tobacco! (Double Jerk!) But, I never did that one. I read so much about tobacco, especially chewing tobacco contributing to mouth problems including OLP. He is also the one who said it was caused by my sleeping with my mouth open, so I used a dental mask to keep my mouth moist. Then, he said it was caused by having GERD and ordered Prilosec. That just gave me a really bad case of acid stomach. Went off that.

Tried Protopic again, but it stung so bad by this time that it was worse than Bee Stings. I had been able to use it before but with little effect. So pretty much eliminated everything after that except that's when I went totally hypoallergenic everything, laundry soap, etc. and double-rinsed my clothing in the washer. My water bill soared! Incidentally, about this time a mold grew on the wall in the bathroom and landlord had to come in and eliminate it. (Now there was some stress!)

Began to use Astragulus and Myco-Mushroom product and acidophilus tablets to build immune system and applied lots of aloe vera juice to skin. That was very soothing. But, couldn't tolerate in my mouth. Did feel better in general from those, but no effect on LP or OLP

By October, finally referred to seeing the Stomatologist at UCSF
Began Dexamethasone rinse (has cinnamon oil in it!!!) Cinnamon is NOT good for OLP.
Also anti fungal lozenges, which I couldn't even suck on. They just sat there painfully glued to my tongue, or the roof of my mouth. They were very dry lozenges. I wish they had softer ones. I would prefer them to taking anti-thrush medicines. It got so bad that I could no longer tolerate brushing teeth with my baby toothbrush, or even swish my mouth with plain water, except by the teaspoonful.

After a month of that I begged to have more aggressive treatment. it took her a couple more weeks to decide to follow through with the internal prednisone and fluconozole, and now can suck on the lozenges successfully. Even ate a piece of toast today!!!

Also, I am now using the Clobetasol directly on lips, tongue, gums and buccal area all the way back to tonsils. Hurts like Hell when I first apply, but well worth the pain and drooling.

Incidentally I use melatonin liquid to help me sleep. It's not necessarily the pain that keeps me awake. I just have a sleep disorder, which I suspect interferes with my well-being and adds to the stress that everyone seems to think can cause OLP.

I was told years ago that I had Lupus, then tests were negative. Always when I had a flare up, prednisone made me well. Hated taking it but was so sick and desperate, I was glad I did. Also have been told I have Sjogren's, but recent testing at UCSF says no. It's weird. All I know is I have some sort of unidentifiable Auto-immune disease. This last year was pretty frightening. I am glad I am better, too.

Well, I think I might have repeated myself. But, this was in response to questions from a friend who wanted to know all the alternatives I tried. I just got to say, some helped, but none cured or reversed my OLP at all.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Lichen Planopilaris and Alopecia Areata

I have had LP on the skin only in the past, but this last year was the last straw. Have always dealt with it in minor ways to "keep it at bay", and that was good enough 'til this last year when it took over my life. Shoulders, arms, neck were the worst they had ever been, then also in the mouth. It was the first time it had ever affected my scalp.

I saw a youtube video on cicitrial alopecia, and there is a woman in it who was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris. the way she describes her bald spot was having itching pustules. That's how my scalp was, but I don't have the actual diagnosis, thank heavens, because in that disease you have permanent hair loss. Mine was not affected. There's a guy in that video too who had/has the same diagnosis.

I have had alopecia areata since I was sixteen years old. The hair loss is usually about the size of a quarter and it is not permanent. All I had to do was go to the doctor and get a steroid shot and it would grow back. Only one time did it get bigger than a quarter, when I had several on one side of my head that then spread into each other. That was many years ago.

Getting back to alternatives, I've presently stopped all of them, I've finished the antibiotics. Some of the sores were infected and spread into my lymph glands. First I went off all prescription drugs one at a timethen I went off all vitamins, minerals and herbal products. Eliminated foods, teas, etc. Simplified nutritional intake to barest minimum of irritating foods. (that really messed with my body and blood results showed lack of protein, lack of calcium and low lymphocytes. Also had macrocytic anemia (B-12 deficiency) Had to go on high doses of Vitamin D and calcium (with magnesium) since then, ordered by onc. doctor. Also went back on estrace. So, now just doing the traditional (allopathic) medical treatments, prednisone, and fluconozole (Lidex gel).

The biggest worry I had was it might develop into the kind of cancer that comes from OLP. All the articles I have read on the cancer gave descriptions of exactly the same as the appearance of my mouth. But, the prednisone now has put most of it to rest.

Hopefully by then I can return to some of my safer alternatives. The acupuncturist I see treats with Chinese herbs. But, doesn't want to conflict the two medicines right now, especially since this is working. I'm so glad that she respects regular medical treatment.

My doctor ran blood tests for liver, cortisol levels, etc. to compare for later. Everything seems to be okay.

I have a complicated medical history, most of which does not even apply to this Oral Lichen Planus, as far as I know. I believe that everything happens for a reason, including the used of chemicals in our lives, and prescription medicines. I would not be here today if it weren't for the use of some very "unpurified" things being used to keep me alive. That is why I am willing to combine and keep one foot in both worlds, so to speak.

When I try everything possible to heal myself naturally and spiritually, and it doesn't work, then I am willing to go the standard American medical practice way. It has it's purpose in this world, that is why it is here. I think that there is so much more we all have to learn scientifically and spiritually before we will all understand the interconnectedness of it all.

So, for now, I go with the flow, and let my intuition guide me along with doing the scientific research to back up any choices I make for myself. Steroids are a natural part of our bodies. We produce them. When our bodies aren't producing them properly, then I am willing to take them, even if they are not genetically matched to how my body would produce them.

Whether I am making complete scientific sense doesn't matter to me at the moment. I continue to learn, and perhaps what I have written that I believe will change in the future as I gain more knowledge.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Not Suicidal

Just thought I'd mention that I have a case of candida (mouth thrush) alongside with my OLP. Can't figure out if it a result of the previous oral paste steroids I was using or just plain coincidental. Now that I am on prednisone, also on fluconazole to keep the candida at bay. I have noticed increased itchy skin all around, since the pred was added. Makes me wonder if the candida could be on the skin as well as in the mouth, though I see no lesions.

Just to clarify,.... No, not feeling suicidal anymore.

Just have felt pretty darned discouraged at times, and observing those incredible swings of emotion that accompany being "ill". This last many months have had a tremendous impact on me. I have already been through a lot in life that has strengthened me in so many ways, and then something new comes along (OLP) and, whoa, there I am again! Life is funny that way.

At least now, I am doing well enough that I can almost chew without it feeling like shards of glass. And I can speak without slurring. Tongue is so much better behaved, too.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

There's hope.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Traditional vs. Complementary for OLP

I have one foot in traditional medical world and one foot in alternative. Gave up all RX's, (mentioned before)and cleared my diet down to basic mild essentials increased vitamins and added Mycomedicinals, acidophilus and astragulus. Nothing changed in all those months of trying different things except I got worse. A couple weeks ago I almost felt suicidal. Finally begged the doctor to put me on internal steroids and finally getting well. So, for me, I have had to go this way. I was so desperate. and now feel it is worth it. Hopefully will be off the prednisone in a few months.

I am aware of a few things that might have exacerbated my situation when my mouth was healthy enough to handle it. I did a lot of "healthy" additions to my cooking, lots of cilantro, fresh squeezed lime juice, curcumin, and a large variety of herbal teas, including Earl Grey which is notorious for causing sun rashes because of one of it's ingredients.

So, I had to cut all that stuff out as my mouth flared up.

It is considered to be that there are several causes for LP, the way some articles are written. Depending on the cellular appearance, under a microscope, it helps to determine the cause. So, if it is an allergic reaction, versus an immune system disorder, versus genetics and what all, it needs to be sorted out, before actual effective treatment can really help. Mine was already biopsied and proven to be the autoimmune OLP

The thing that bothers me most about my diagnosis is that I have been told it's incurable and will have to deal with this the rest of my life. To keep it under control is the best I can expect.

I am feeling so much better. I actually ate in a restaurant today without too much trouble.

I have the sores on my scalp, across the back and down arms, with only one lesion on my ankle. Weird huh? Anyways, those are much better too. Did have cortisone injections in my scalp a few months ago for alopecia areata. They had gotten infected with swollen glands, too and I had to be on antibiotics. This put me into "Candida" and ended up with thrush in my mouth too. yech!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Inflammation causes Lichen Planus???

NSAIDS are and acronym for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Ibuprofen, aspirin and others related, act upon the prostaglandins in our bodies to help reduce arthritic type of inflammation.

Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex are NSAIDS, too, but they are Cox-2 inhibitors. They don't work on the prostaglandins. Vioxx is of course, off the market now. If you have arthritis and need an anti-inflammatory, and cannot take the ones that work through the prostaglandins (they cause stomach ulcers) and you are now not able to take Vioxx, you might want to ask your doctor if you can try Celebrex or Bextra. Even though they are all Cox-2 inhibitors, it is my understanding that the formula for Vioxx and Celebrex, for example are somewhat different.

I took Vioxx for four years for my arthritis. I had Lichen Planus before I ever took it. Only in this last year did it become Erosive Oral Lichen Planus. I went off Vioxx, and most other meds I was on to eliminate the possibility that they had caused my OLP. Nothing changed. My Oral Specialist says that she does not believe that Vioxx was a cause of my OLP.

If you go to www.pubmed.com and type Oral Lichen Planus in the search engine, it will bring up 1088 article abstracts, the most recent published this month. Click on Display and abstract and it will open up and give more info. Even though some of them are written in scientific jargon, the ones written in more normal medical terms are fairly easy to figure out. Doing so will help for the next doctor visit, to have something to discuss, to ask questions, to get answers. If necessary, print out the paper that you are interested in and take it with you to the appointment.

I have now been started on Prednisone and only after a few days there is considerable improvement! Now I don't feel so hopeless! I know there are risks involved, but it will be worth it. My tongue has stopped shaking when I try to stick it out. I can almost chew now, and the pain has subsided down beneath a ten on the scale. The lesions on top of my tongue have begun to close and smooth over. Underneath tongue and back by tonsils are still nasty but doctor thinks will improve soon, too.

I think it is curious how something that one person can use cannot be used by another. For example, I cannot use biotene. It has peppermint flavoring in it and that just burns me like crazy. Same thing with Protopic. Yet others have good use of both of these products. What makes the difference? Genetics?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Dental Fillings cause Lichenoid reactions?

I have been to the Baylor website to see what it said about OLP. When I first went there I filled out a survey and registered myself as a patient. I thought I was going to get some feedback, but did not.

So, I forgot about the site, after finding the group support. However, since it has been mentioned again, I went back to the Baylor site to look around more thoroughly.

In the support group some are now saying that OLP is an allergic disorder. But, does this mean if I don't breathe in the pollen of ragweed for example, I wont have OLP? Now I have questions.

If OLP is considered to be an allergic reaction, then wouldn't it be logical to take benedryl or some other antihistamine to help keep it at bay?

If it is considered to be an "allergic" reaction to medications, are they always the same medications in all OLP diagnosed patients, or is it hit or miss guessing thing for each individual patient?

I once saw a list of suspected meds that have shown OLP reaction. But, I think it means it's not a true diagnosis, but is a "lichenoid reaction" condition, which is not an autoimmune disease. And if the patient gets off those meds, it will go away.

The list I saw at the below link, I have already learned that I am allergic to those meds a long time ago and never take them. Weird drugs, like quinidine and procainamide (procan) and inderal, for example. They are also known to cause false Lupus, too. Another autoimmune disease.

If it is caused by some filling materials, or dental hygiene products, what filling products?

Do they mean tooth filling?

And what specific dental hygiene products?

Do they mean toothpaste? I admit the peppermint flavoring burns and makes tooth brushing hell.

Does one develop an OLP response to these things over years of exposure?

How does one be able to get the determination from a medical professional that the dental materials in one's mouth are actually a cause and need to be removed? It seems to me they would take pride in their work and insist it it not possible to be the source of the problem. It seems they would logically think that they have plenty of patients with the same dental materials in their mouths and no lichen planus. Therefore they are more likely to believe there is no connection.

Is there a blood test to show this allergy to dental metals? My sister has a known nickel allergy. Put cheap jewelry on her neck and she gets an itchy rash. I get it from fake silver which has a nickel component. Is it possible that nickel is in dental materials?

What is interesting to me, is that because of those statements I took a chance and went off all medications and stopped using all dental products for many many months and it did NOT make my OLP any better. Finally, out of desperation, I slowly went back on some of my medications and still no significant change in my OLP condition. So then, the next question would be what else could cause it?

I do have to say that I have not been able to return to any dental products whatsoever. Even the highly touted "gentle" Biotene products have enough peppermint in them to set my mouth to a screaming burn. I can't imagine how it would be for a cancer patient who has chemo mouth. I can only gently, occasionally, rinse out my mouth with lukewarm water, and sometimes use a baby's toothbrush. I feel disgustingly dirty in my mouth, but helpless to cleanse appropriately.

In the Baylor site are some links, one of them for the following article
which goes into describing OLP as an autoimmune T Cell disease

Are there blood tests to verify if this T-Cell problem is related to one's diagnosis of OLP?
If some studies have shown that viral infections such as herpes might cause OLP, then wouldn't it help to take Lysine?

Monday, December 6, 2004

Suspected Causes of Oral Lichen Planus

Others with LP suggest that different things can cause outbreaks and it is important to eliminate them. But, it seems each person has their own theory. At least until I can substantiate any of them, I will not blame looking out my front door, or petting my cat, or drinking milk as THE cause of my OLP.

However, a few things, like certain prescription medications are being mentioned. As a precaution, when it got all flared up the past year, I eased back on some of my medications until I was off of them. I really don't see any difference between when I was on the meds and now, when I am not.

Everyone says stress causes more flare-ups. All I gotta say is that I am ten times MORE stressed out, having to deal with this, than I ever was before!

I hate it when medical people pin stress on disorders that they come across. It seems more honest to me to have them say, "I don't know what it is." than to blame whatever you have on stress. Then, you go home feeling like some kind of Psycho who can't calm down or relax. Plus, you feel crazy too, because you sit and meditate and zone out and are peaceful, but somehow you are looked at as stressed out by others. It's stressful just to not be believed that there is a problem that needs to be diagnosed and treated!

Honesty... truth. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. You also, are still dealing with the problem and feel helpless that there is nothing more to do about it, plus you don't have an actual diagnosis sometimes. It is discouraging. I have dreaded to go back to any doctor who has told me that what was wrong with me was stress. (How the hell does he think he knows that anyway?) So, then I have to find a new one and hope I will be taken seriously and an effort will be made to actually diagnose what is going on, figure out a method of treatment and go from there.

Not too many years ago it was believed that stress was the standard "cause" of Asthma and Ulcers. I remember it as far back as the 1950's and up to the 1970's. Now they know Ulcers are caused by that Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Now, that's SCIENCE! Low and Behold! Asthma has other REAL causes, too! Maybe there is some yet undiscovered virus or bacteria that causes OLP, too.

Stress can certainly aggravate those conditions, or perhaps the patients reactions to stress, that is. As I have noted before. Just dealing with the diagnosis, living with it day to day can cause stress that wasn't there before.

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Which came first the stress or the sickness?

Friday, October 29, 2004

I have another appt at UCSF on Nov 10. The last specialist I saw there said I had four things going on, the OLP, plus candida, plus geographic tongue, plus immune system disorder. (Wouldn't they all be inter-related?) But, that person hesitated to give me any meds until I see this next specialist.

It is better than it was in the summer, but lots of sores and rawness inside still. Today I went with a friend to have lunch. I thought I could eat a hot turkey sandwich. I could. but got a mouth full of too-hot mashed potatoes. At home I would have spit it out into a napkin. In the restaurant I could do nothing but let it sit and burn my tongue. I don't have the ability to move my tongue quickly anymore, so I couldn't just flip it around until it cooled. Errrrgh!

I can sip a little ice water now, but cannot do full ice cubes or even ice cream, it burns just as if it was hot, too. And can't chew on crackers or toast. I wonder if I sound obsessed with food. More accurately, I am probably obsessed with my inability to enjoy food the way I used to. Every meal is frustrating, or painfully difficult.

I can eat spaghetti (my own recipe) if it is mild and I add a little sweetener. But cannot eat barbecue sauce or even pickles. Everything needs to be bland. You would think with all these drastic changes in diet that I would lose weight. Not an ounce!

Another OLP patient from a support group, told me that she uses a paper towel to dry off the inside of her mouth before applying the topical ointment. I used to just use my finger, but then got where I took a dry washcloth to blot some of the moisture off, first. Paper towel is better than what I was doing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Looks better. Feels better. Can even wear lipstick!

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Tongue Twist

There are times I cannot extend the tongue forward as far as normal, and cannot run my tongue over my teeth. Oddly, the top of the tongue has gotten very bumpy, and has that deeper "rivulet" going down the middle. I was told before when I had that and my Lichen planus wasn't flared up, that it was Geographic Tongue. But, now it is mixed with the Lichen Planus.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Topical Treatment for OLP

Someone asked for clarification on the use topical medicine. I slather it on and around the inside of my mouth with my finger. I don't eat or drink or anything for a long time after using it, or even talk. This way, it will have a little bit longer chance of doing some good. I have noticed when I apply it regularly that there seems to be some improvement, but then, it seems just when I think it is going to be okay it starts up again.

I can barely tolerate to brush my teeth. I have a baby's toothbrush and gently use that. I know it is imperative to be dentally diligent, but the more I mess with my mouth, the worse it gets. So sometimes I just can't tolerate brushing or even rinsing out my mouth. I feel trapped.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Familial OLP?

I wonder if this sort of thing runs in families. My niece and her daughter both have a skin condition that has been called everything from fungus to psoriasis. So far neither have anything in mouth or scalp. And my son, today, tells me he has a mouth infection. I asked him what, he said he talked on the phone with his shrink who suggested it was "thrush". He has yet to make an appt. My older brother has dealt with something like this since his twenties. A recent conversation with him, he tells me it is around his ankles and lower legs, and in the groin area. He believes it was caused by living in Florida where it is very humid. He thinks it is a fungus and treats himself with over the counter "fungus medicine". I'm not sure what he means. I suggested he go to a dermatologist to have it biopsied. He said he has seen one, but nobody did a biopsy. I doubt he will go.

I think part of my problem in getting sufficient treatment is that I live in a small town and the dermatologist I have seen for years just doesn't know what to do with me anymore. She gave me over to her partner who thought it might be cancer. He referred me to an oral surgeon for a biopsy. It is not cancer, but OLP.

I looked up Clobetasol which is something I see if my doctor will write an RX for Clobetasol to treat it.

It's also known as Temovate, and I would be getting it in the "topical" form, an ointment that I will rub into the inside my mouth.

I wonder...I have always had bouts of alopecia areata since I was a teen, and a few months ago when these sores appeared on my scalp I had a break out of it then. The hair has come back scanty, but so far, has come back, as it always has through the years.

I feel so frustrated by this situation. I have coped with many things in my life, (bonecancer, for example) but this is ongoing and insidious, and hard to ignore. I don't like to go out in public anymore for fear of having to deal with anyone. It is such an effort to socialize when I feel like I am on fire (in my mouth, on my scalp, lesser degree on my shoulders). Plus, if there is food involved, people just don't get it when I am so particular about what I order to eat.

Well, here I am... whining. I know I am depressed, but so far not pulling myself together very well. I do know there are lots worse could happen.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

White Lacy

I have been in misery for many months. I have had "these little sores" on and off for years, mostly just in the skin around my shoulders, neck area.

Then, about 1995 had a bad episode with my tongue peeling which went away in a few weeks. Then ever since then, I had the white lacy stuff on the inside of my buccal mucosa. At the time it was biopsied and I was told it was Lichen Planus and was given an RX for the dexamethosone with the waxy base, which I have used periodically since then. The ones on my shoulders were not identified as anything. I was told I was a "picker" which made me mad because that is not the case at all. I now understand the two are related. The last few years in January after my annual Eye appt. my right eye would flare up really bad and these mouth sores and skin sores would get worse, but this year it has been constant and worsening.

A couple times lightly in the scalp. But, last winter everything went haywire all at once.

I now have huge sores over the top of my scalp, as well as under, alongside, and on top of my tongue. Eating is painful. Even toast is hell. So everything must be soft, smooth and bland. Too much chewing is abrasive to my tongue. Sorry for sounding like a wimp with all this complaining. But I am so fed up. I cut my long hair off very short as I was tired of trying to comb the scabs out, plus I was worrying that maybe shampoo residues and scalp sweating would contribute. Now I am at the point where I am ready to shave my hair off. I am 59 year old. This is not going to look cute.

Presently I am using protopic ointment on the tongue, which sort of keeps it from worsening, but doesn't make it go away completely. Also have to use lidocaine gel for when the tongue is burning too much. It hurts so bad sometimes, right down my throat. I get shaky from the pain. This is my own fault as I have dared to eat something not completely bland and by the time I have had a few bites, and discover there are hidden spices, it is too late.

I am using cyclosporine eye drops for the huge redness of the that flares up with this. Before, I was using prednisone eye drops but the new eye doctor said that was very bad to take Econopred.

I am using Lidex on the sores on my shoulders, back and neck.

As long as I slather these on religiously I can keep things at bay. But, so annoyed that with medical science supposed to be so advanced there is no apparent known cause or cure for this. Just a whole bunch of lists of maybe this and maybe that.

Interestingly, I have noticed that most of the medications that are suspected to cause lichenoid reactions are many of the same ones I have already proven to be allergic to, and are suspect for causing drug induced Lupus.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gums and Lower Lip OLP

All this lacy striation stuff forms and it gets a bit sticky to eat anything that is dry or crunchy.

It's very painful to brush teeth. Flossing with waxed string is not tolerable at this point. Those little plastic picks can not do a good cleaning job.

Mouth swishing with warm water is about it.

My outer cheeks are all red. They feel as if sunburned.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Candida happening

Okay, so now there is some candida happening, I think. Mouth thrush. Don't like those bumps. They feel annoying.

It looks like I went to the tattoo parlor and had a ring pierced into my tongue and the job failed! But, I didn't. It is simply my tongue splitting open down the middle.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Lateral sides getting eroded

Tongue is swollen getting pufffy Is this caused by tongue rubbing against against the teeth? It's getting so red behind the teeth! Though I think the picture coloring might be off. The top of the tongue is not too bad.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Lower Lip Oral Lichen Planus

So, the little pimples are stingy, and the flesh inside my mouth is swollen, but the mouth feels tight around the edges. Ow Ow Ow. And I just don't feel good all over. Low energy.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Eye Inflammation and OLP.

I keep wondering if there is a connection between OLP and eye inflammation.

When my eyes get inflamed, my mouth sores get inflamed too. Why is that?

I was told I had a diagnosis of "dry eye" in my mid thirties. By mid-forties I was being treated for "episcleritis" with prednisone eye drops.

By my fifties I was told it was simply "dry eye" and I had a procedure where little plastic seeds were placed into my tear ducts. It was supposed to make my eyes produce tears. It sort of worked in the left eye, but not on the right. That's the one that always gets flared up the worse and then my mouth sores come back.

Now I am being told I might have something called Sjogren's. Not sure about that yet.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I often wonder if other people have eye irritations when their OLP flares up.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

I've had some lacy white stuff inside my cheeks that the doctor diagnosed as Oral Lichen Planus since 1995.

I've had regular Lichen Planus on my arms and shoulders for years before that.

So, now it's in my mouth too. and on my upper lip. Somehow it takes away the puffiness of my lips but makes my tongue be puffy. Not fair. Puffy lips are in. Puffy tongues are not in!

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