Saturday, January 10, 2004

Eye Inflammation and OLP.

I keep wondering if there is a connection between OLP and eye inflammation.

When my eyes get inflamed, my mouth sores get inflamed too. Why is that?

I was told I had a diagnosis of "dry eye" in my mid thirties. By mid-forties I was being treated for "episcleritis" with prednisone eye drops.

By my fifties I was told it was simply "dry eye" and I had a procedure where little plastic seeds were placed into my tear ducts. It was supposed to make my eyes produce tears. It sort of worked in the left eye, but not on the right. That's the one that always gets flared up the worse and then my mouth sores come back.

Now I am being told I might have something called Sjogren's. Not sure about that yet.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I often wonder if other people have eye irritations when their OLP flares up.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think there is definitiely an association between "dry eyes" and OLP. I am currently having a flare of eye symptoms, with my eyelids mildly swollen and red. My eyes are very dry as is the skin around the eyes. I have had 2 other mild flares involving the eyes, one for which I saw the opthamologist, but I think it was already improving so she just diagnosed "dry eye" and gave me some lubricants which did not help at all. Actually, what helped the most was putting my hard contact lenses back in (I went to her to see if I should or shouldn't wear them). The drops I use with my lenses are soothing and lubricating and my eyes improved quickly. I do not normally have dry eyes and do not use any artifical tears or the like. It happens only when the OLP affects my eyes. I spoke with my OLP doctor, who is a dermatologist, asking if he knew an opthamologist to refer me to who specialized in OLP. He told me that eye involvement is extremely rare and that there are no "specialists". In fact, I doubt if there are more than a few who have ever seen it. This round has been particularly bad with black eyes and swelling in the orbital area bilaterally - very uncomfortable and ... as usual, occurring on a week-end! Oh well. There were worse things in the differential diagnosis, so I plan to suffer through it and am looking forward to seeing improvement in a few days. I hope you feel better soon also.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

You could probably get in touch with the doctors who wrote the article mentioned in the following posting:


Anonymous said...

I have had flare ups with OLP in the last 10 years but was never officially confirmed until last year after a month long gum inflammation that will not go away then followed by a biopsy. I have similar experiences of inflammation on my eyes during stressful situations. It was on my right eye and then followed by my left eye. Once the stress was eliminated - the swelling calmed down.

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